The LNG Story Roadshow

The ConocoPhillips LNG Story road show is an innovative initiative to educate the public about the benefits of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) over other sources of energy.

Presented by Canadian LNG expert, Peter Micciche, the presentation utilises real LNG to demonstrate the qualities that make it a safer form of energy.

The graphics use a bright and vibrant illustration style to emphasise the fun nature of the presentations, and make the the subject more approachable.

As well as the travelling display itself, other items produced include brochures, fold-out posters, HTML invitations, key rings, beach balls, paper craft LNG vessels and many other merchandise items.

Now entering its third year, the LNG Story has continued to grow in popularity. It has won multiple industry awards for its effectiveness at engaging a wide audience about a complex and often misunderstood subject matter.